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Murphy Beds
Murphy Beds
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The Pine Shop is custom woodworking at its best.
I can't always build it cheaper but I can build it better!

We use all types of quality lumber NOT just Pine. We have Oak, Alder, Maple, Birch, Paint Grade Birch and Knotty Pine. Other types can be requested as well, Talk to me and I will give the cost difference.

I have several types of wall beds. Everything from the basic low cost bed that can be painted to the top of the line library beds that look stunning in a large room or office. I can also build you that custom wall bed that has a desk, book shelves a entertainment center all in one. Absolutely great for the cabin or getaway home. We have beds that fold down vertically and horizontally. Take your time and browse all I have and if you don't see something you like send me a picture or we can sit down in person to go over just what it is you want.

SALE: $3000.00 delivered and installed within 150 miles.

The customer backed out of this bed and it needs to go. This is really a beautiful bed and I can't finish it in any other color. Call me and we can schedule the delivery.


Free Delivery within 150 miles on all beds if ordered in March.

Standard Economical Paint Grade Murphy Beds


I have created this line of beds for those who want something economical. These are meant to painted however they do stain up nicely. They all can be easily upgrades to a hardwood bed such as Oak, Maple, or Birch if you desire. These all come unfinished however there is an option for finish as well.

All these beds now come standard with the Spring Balance Lift System.

See the bottom of this page for Dimension on the beds. 

The Economical beds come unfinished. Additional charge for paint or stain.


Murphy Bed I

Murphy Bed II

Murphy Bed III

Murphy Bed IV

Twin $799.00 Twin $799.00 Twin $1199.00 Twin $1599.00
Full $999.00 Full $999.00 Full $1299.00 Full $1699.00
Queen $1099.00 Queen $1099.00 Queen $1399.00 Queen $1799.00


Hardwood Custom Murphy Beds

These beds all come standard with hardwood of your choice. (Red Oak, Maple, Birch) They are all stained and finished with a lacquer clear. They look stunning! Each bed has its own style and detail. All these beds come with a spring lift system and fold down metal legs that also hold the mattress in place while the bed is in the upright position. They also have a steel frame for added support. All of these beds have optional side shelve built to match the look of the bed. There are many different configurations. You can have drawers added and cabinets added as well.

Vertical Beds

If your room has ample ceiling height and adequate floor space, the vertical design is your best option. With a variety of face designs and stain colors to choose from, your fully functioning, space-saving bed becomes a beautifully hidden secret, contained in handcrafted, real wood piece of fine furniture

Vintage Dresser   Vintage Armoire Beaded Panel Raised Panel  Tabletop Desk 
VMB-05 VMB-06   VMB-07  VMB-8  VMB-09
$1,799.00 Twin $1,799.00 Twin $1,999.00 Twin $1,999.00 Twin $2,299.00 Twin
$1,999.00 Full $1,999.00 Full $2,199.00 Full $2,199.00 Full $2,499.00 Full
$2,199.00 Queen $2,199.00 Queen $2,399.00 Queen $2,399.00 Queen $2,699.00 Queen

Vintage Mission   Classic Shaker Panel
VMB-10   VMB-11
$1,799.00 Twin $1,899.00 Twin
$1,999.00 Full $2,099.00 Full
$2,199.00 Queen $2,299.00 Queen

Horizontal Beds

If your room has lower ceilings, perhaps our horizontal design is the best solution. Once opened, our horizontal bed gives you the comfort you need for a good nights sleep. The added functionality of an eye-level shelf is yet another added bonus of our horizontal designs.

Raised Panel  Vintage Entertainment   Beaded Panel  Vintage Dresser  Vintage Mission
HMB-01  HMB-02  HMB-03  HMB-04  HMB-05 
$1,999.00 Twin $1,999.00 Twin $2,099.00 Twin $1,799.00 Twin $1,799.00 Twin
$2,199.00 Full $2,199.00 Full $2,299.00 Full $1,999.00 Full $1,999.00 Full
$2,399.00 Queen $2,399.00 Queen $2,499.00 Queen $2,199.00 Queen $2,199.00 Queen

  Vintage Shaker Contemporary 
HMB-06   HMB-07
$1,799.00 Twin $1,699.00 Twin
$1,999.00 Full $1,899.00 Full
$2,199.00 Queen $2,099.00 Queen

Click Here for more Photos of Completed Custom Wall Beds

Lift System for the Hardwood Beds & Library Beds

Designed for every day use in residential or commercial installation. Balances with fingertip control for ease of operation. 

Apply varying spring combinations to balance all bed sizes, single through king, vertical or horizontal mount orientations.

Tested to perform thousands of cycles without failure.

Will handle all bed and mattresses sizes to accommodate all preferences.

Limited lifetime warranty on manufacturers defects. Misuse, abuse, or damage by misapplication are not covered.


Spring Balance Lift System
Standard On All Beds
Steel Beds Frame

Sliding Library Beds



$2,700.00 Twin Size
$2,900.00 Full Size
$3,100.00 Queen Size

Pivoting Library Beds

$2,500.00  Twin Size
$2,700.00 Full Size
$2900.00 Queen Size


$2,300.00 Twin $3,200 Twin $3,900 Twin
$2,500.00 Full $3,400.00 Full $4,100.00 Full
$2,700.00 Queen $3,600.00 Queen $4,300.00 Queen
 WS-01 WS-02  WS-03 

Here are the basic dimensions for the cabinet only. If you adding shelves to the side add those dimensions to come up with a total width. Custom beds may be vary in size. Contact me for custom designs.

Contact me directly to order any of these beds Email

The Pine Shop
1234 Hassett Ave. #6
Yuba City, Ca. 95991
(530) 674-2817

Delivery available in the Northern California area. Cost depends on mileage and travel time. All miles based from Yuba City Ca.
All customers are welcome to come to the shop and pick their items up.








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